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Dr. Marcelo Hochman

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I would like to express my unlimited thanks to our Doctor Marcelo HOCHMAN due to his altruistic struggle to let our son Batuhan having a new face from the first operation to the seventh, and his aim on our son to be brought in society on behalf of my family and whole humanity.
İtkü Family

Dr. Marcelo Hochman
When we learned the red spot on face of our son Batuhan was hemongioma, it was the 3rd of October, 1998. The spot was giant and the doctors said that they have never seen like this spot before. They suggested us the university hospital. We took away him to the ?pa Hospital. They applied interferon and streoid cure during one month but, they did not obtain good results and the doctors gave up on him. Then, we took our son to the Cerrahpa? Hospital. The doctors applied ombilizon for 4 times to vein of face of Batuhan. The swellings and the intense bleeding of his face is accrued day by day. Then, we took him to the ??al Hospital, American Hospital, International Hospital, Onep and a lot of plastic operators to show him. Finally, we took him to the Marmara University. The operators of Marmara University controlled Batuhan and they decided that they have not a chance to get better. Therefore we arranged this web site. 5 countries that saw our web site is connected with us. I send the MR of Batuhan's face to the doctors. I evaluated the operations which are made by the doctors. One of them was the doctor Marcello Hocman who inspired confidence. He made 5 amazing operations such as noise, eyelid, lip and cheek. Batuhan's eyes were closed 1,5 years so he had 60% entire loss of sight. Our doctor Hocman organized the oculist for eye operations from the hospital. Now, the problem of his eyes is mainly corrected with glassess. The doctor who is made the operations wanted to laser to Batuhan's eyelash in Turkey. He wrote to the doctors in Turkey: We made the operations of Batuhan and we did not demand any wage. Please you do not want to any wage from Batuhan's family's. If you have a problem, please contact with us.' But some of the eye hospital where we went wanted to wage even we mention about our situation and show the doctor's writing. We surprised with this behaviour and worried about that. On the other hand, lots of doctor offered making operation without money. Also our doctor Hocman suggested money to get antibiotics and painkillers. It is a good manner to show us. You have to believe that this doctor does not need any advertisement. He works as a volunteer and carries with his patients, especially in poor countries. I protected our son from the TV and the magazines in Turkey, 'cause they hurt him. I want to evaluate this comment from people who read the web site. We need a sponsor to get to America our son and to provide his training costs. We send our son to a nursery school in here. Some of the family wanted to take back their children from school 'cause of bad effection of our son. The worst one is the first day of Batuhan at school. One of the student had birthday. But when birthday time came the teacher wanted Batuhan to go home. How can you describe the theacher's behaviour and what do you think about my son's psychology? I do not have an answer when he asked me 'why do not they want me at school?' I believe that there will not be any problem on our son's face. He needs a few operations to get better. By the way, our doctor reported Batuhan has to go to school, recieve training and get self-reliance. The main purpose of this site is to help the other family who live in the same situation like us. So I am giving the phone number and the address of the doctor Marcello Hocman to reach him easily before losing time. Also the doctor Hocman established a foundation in America to make operations for poor and helpless children. From our plane tickets to other expenses are provided by this foundation. I invite everyone to help for the events of this foundation. In the name of my family, I am grateful to the doctor Hocman for his unbelievable effort and interest for our son.
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